Our flagship application is a deployment for the UCD PEAC project. Our Smart Environment Monitor (SEM) sensors measure temperature and humidity in Conviron plant growth chambers. This data is collected by a cellular gateway and transmitted to the cloud. It is then provided to UCD via a website which graphs the data over time.


SEM Device
The SEM Sensor


Important points to note:

  • The sensors are deployed in controlled environment growth¬†chambers which are extremely challenging RF environments
  • The chambers provide automatic irrigation of plants, necessitating robust and waterproof sensor design to ensure protection of electronics
  • The sensors provide readings of temperature and humidity every 10 minutes – these are provided in a real-time, 24/7 feed to the project website
  • The sensors are powered by 2 x AA batteries. Battery life is c. 18 months



SiteSpy Dashboard UCD
The UCD PEAC project dashboard